Multiple Launch Rocket System
    It is designed for direct fire support to ground troops and special operations forces, destroying exposed and concealed enemy manpower, unarmed and lightly armored vehicles in the area of concentration, destroying mortar batteries, and other operational combat missions.
    The lightly armored ASILAC SHTS vehicle is used as a transport platform for the Flute MLRS (multiple launch rocket system) launcher. The chassis is equipped with a diesel engine.

    The lightly armored ASILAC ASV vehicle is used as the transport base for the mobile control point (MCP) of the Flute MLRS. In the PPU variant the vehicle is equipped with communication and control systems integrated in the ASV "Alliance". Tactical situation on the battlefield is displayed on the monitors installed inside the PPU in real-time mode, as well as video images obtained from the optical-electronic and thermal surveillance and reconnaissance means. The PPU crew consists of four people - the driver, commander and two operators.

    Considering that the Flute MLRS will be operating on the front line, one of the important components of the transport base design is the protection of the crew from mines, land mines and small arms fire. To this end, the front and sides of the vehicles have STANAG 1 and STANAG 2 class armor, and the partially V-shaped floor is designed to hold ten F1 grenades, an anti-personnel mine or a 0.6 kg TNT improvised explosive device.

    The MLRS is equipped with a package of 80 rails, for 80 mm unguided rockets (UAV) C-8 and has vertical inclination angles from 0 to +55 degrees. Range of fire is up to 5000 meters (when using upgraded versions of ballistic missiles the range increases to 11 000 meters).
    At the same time the circular probable deviation of the missile in flight is about 0.3 percent of the range.

    Due to the special electrical circuit in the launcher, it is possible to selectively fire individual missiles. Depending on the mission, the Flute missile launcher is equipped with S-8 unguided air-to-surface missiles with the following types of ammunition: shaped charge, concrete penetrator, high-explosive shaped charge, penetrator and tandem shaped charge.

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