Construction Control Automation is software designed to automatically detect violations of safety on the construction site.
According to its specifications, the software Construction Control Automation is a standalone executable application that is able to operate around the clock.

The neural network analyzes and records the received data and provides the consumer with information in the form of a report with an attached photo image of the violation, the date and time of the violation, its classification. Moreover, the software is able to transfer information about the violation to contractors.

Education of the neural networks in identifying various types of violations is carried out on photo and video, with people who observes and violates safety.
Reliable (stable) functioning of the software is ensured by the implementation by the developer of a set of organizational and technical measures:
The recovery time of the software after a failure caused by a power failure or other external factors (except for a fatal operating system failure) does not exceed 30 minutes, subject to the hardware and software operation conditions.
To work with the software Construction Control Automation only one specialist is required. He must:
Maintain a database of violations
Solve problems of installation and maintain the system software - the operating system
Install various programs
Back up the database
To date, testing has been conducted on methods of identifying the violator using face identification and the number printed on the vest.

As shown by a comparative analysis, the number printed on the vest or helmet is suitable for determining the identity of the violator to the organization, which is sufficient to alert the violating organization.
IP video surveillance systems with rotary mechanisms and zoom, as well as a matrix resolution of at least 4 megapixels. System scalability support.

Recommended server hardware parameters of one server for 8 cameras:

CPU: Intel Core i5 (7th Gen) or higher;
GPU: 4 Nvidia GeForce 1080 or higher video cards;
SSD: 512Gb and more;
Network: Ethernet 1000;
RAM: 16Gb.
Comparative requirements for the size of identification elements, according to the requirements of the European standard EN50 132-7 for the detection, recognition and identification of people.
1) subject to tilting the face to the camera no more than 45°
2) for cameras, with a horizontal field of view of 25°
3) for numbers, having a width of 20cm, printed on the vest
Рекомендуемые параметры камер наблюдения
Construction Control Automation
In addition to the construction industry, this software can be used quite effectively in the oil and gas industry, transport and logistics infrastructure, medicine and emergency situations.
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