Remote temperature-screening walk-through detector
The remote temperature-screening walk-through detector detector is designed for non-contact measurement of human body temperature, hand disinfection and personal identification (optional). It can be used to control access to public areas, airports, stores, administrative offices, and enterprises. The main parameter for access permission is the absence of elevated temperature.
Just how important is to detect, identify and isolate patients in time is obviously demonstrated by the example of the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus. After all, this approach not only allows you to detect the disease at an early stage but also reduces the overall rate of its spread. No less important is also the preventive disinfection of people in the congestion areas.
The non-contact thermal imaging module of the detector allows measuring the human body temperature with an accuracy of 0.5 degrees.

The built-in face recognition module can be used both for solving traditional tasks – access control or offenders detection and for implementing individual solutions.
  • Identification (comparison of the user with the database of employees, regular or VIP clients, etc);
  • Access control to protected facilities. Proof of identity for granting access.

The face recognition module automatically selects the face image that is optimal for recognition in real-time, saves and recognizes it, comparing it with reference images in existing databases. The decision is made based on the result of recognition and identification of a person. This algorithm can warn the security service about the appearance of offenders in the protected area, send a message to the manager about the arrival of a VIP client, and give a command to the controllers of executive devices when using a face image as an identifier of the access control system.

This module can be integrated with the access control system and send data to the security panel about recognizing or not recognizing the face of a person passing through the frame. When an enabling signal is received from the temperature measurement module and an enabling signal is received from the face recognition system, the horizontal bar, door, gate are opened or other necessary actions have occurred.
  • the thermal imaging module with a wide-angle short-focus lens and an array with a resolution of 640*480 (the highest resolution among analogs) is mounted in the side of the detector frame;
  • the software automatically detects the temperature of objects and triggers the alarm when the corresponding indicators are exceeded;
  • the built-in led alarm turns on in red when the human temperature deviates from the set value;
  • when walking through the detector frame it is possible to disinfect your hands;
  • the detector frame is made from a tubular metal construction lined with steel panels with a wear-resistant polymer coating;
  • the detector can be used both indoors and outdoors at a temperature from -20°C to +50°C;
  • camera speed is 10 frames per second;
  • the video stream can be transmitted over Ethernet and USB communication channels
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