Anti-tank guided missile 9M113 (ATGM) is designed to destroy armored moving and stationary targets and other ground targets at a range of 75 to 4000 m. The minimum firing range is determined by the firing range of the safety detonating mechanism. The 9M113 ATGM is controlled semi-automatically via a wire communication line.

9M113 ATGMs are fired from the 9P148 combat vehicle, from the 9P135M remote launcher of the Konkurs complex and from the 9P135 launcher of the 9K111 complex.

The 9M113 is capable of operating in the temperature range from -50 to +50°C.
Availability of appropriate design, technical and technological documentation, test and verification equipment, stand and diagnostic equipment for testing of anti-tank guided missile units (ATGM), as well as availability of special methods of physical and chemical analysis of the condition of propulsion system powders, powder pressure accumulator, launch motor and igniters in combination with the use of modern element base and components, allows to carry out high quality repair of ATGM.
Research and development works results:
■ New (on a new element base) electronic part of the onboard control equipment was developed and manufactured.
■ The accredited laboratory for physical and chemical testing of solid rocket propellants and powders performed a physical and chemical analysis of the condition of the powders of the booster propulsion system, the knockout propulsion system and the inflammers.
■ The 9M113 ATGM prototype was manufactured using the electronic part of the on-board control equipment developed at the enterprise.
■ Flight tests of the 9M113 ATGM prototype were carried out at the "Belaya Luzhya" test range.

Tactical and technical characteristics of the 9M113-L anti-tank guided missile
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