The 9M114 anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) is designed to engage protected and unprotected fire points, armored vehicles, aircraft and enemy manpower at a range of up to 6,000 meters.

Taking into account the tasks to be performed, there are variants of equipping the missile with a shaped charge or a high-explosive fragmentation warhead. The ATGM has a supersonic flight speed. It can be guided to the target by radio link or by laser illumination (by installing a semi-active laser seeker).

The ATGM missile can be used as part of helicopter- and ground-based complexes (mounted on armored combat vehicles).
Availability of relevant design, technical and technological documentation, testing and calibration equipment, test and diagnostic equipment for testing anti-tank guided missile units (ATGMs), as well as availability of special methods of physical and chemical analysis of propulsion powders, pressure accumulator, firing motor and igniters, together with the use of modern element base and components, allows to perform high quality repair of ATGMs.
· Design, technical, and technological documentation for the ATGM has been developed.
· The accredited laboratory for physicochemical testing of solid propellants and powders conducted a physicochemical analysis of propulsion powders, pressure accumulator powders, starting motor and inflammers.
· Non-destructive testing was performed on the elements of the ATGMs ( body, steering wheels, thermal protection coating of the main engine).
· Tests were conducted on the tightness of the ATGM elements.
· Test equipment for testing of the ATGMs and test bench equipment for testing of the electronic units of the ATGMs were produced.
· Printed plates on modern element base were designed and manufactured for ATGM units.
· Units were manufactured for the ATGMs (single-channel signal formation unit, stabilized rectifier unit, onboard radio equipment unit, and responder unit).
· The prototypes of the ATGMs were manufactured and successfully tested on the test equipment.
· Combat launches successfully conducted

Tactical and technical characteristics of the anti-tank guided missile 9M114BM
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