Purpose: body armor "Borsa-T" is a device of individual armor protection and is designed to protect the human body from the impact of gunfire, protection class - Br2 GOST 34286, with the permissible weight of armor impact not exceeding the 2nd degree.

In the area of additional armor elements, the body armor is designed to protect vital organs of a person: front, back - protection class Br4 or Br5 according to GOST 34286, sides - protection class Br2 according to GOST 34286.
The chest, back, and two side sections include:
■ soft armored panels of general protection made of material or ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (hereinafter referred to as UHMWPE);
■ armored panels made of UHMWPE with aluminum oxide, protection class Br4 or Br5 according to GOST 34286 (protection of vital organs of the front and back), armored panels made of UHMWPE, protection class Br2 according to GOST 34286 (protection of the sides);
■ cover made of abrasion-resistant polyester fabric with waterproof features, and climate cushioning underpinning (CCU).

Collar, throat block and crotch apron include:
■ UHMWPE general protection armor panels and cover.
Soft armor panel of general protection (GP), which includes an anti-bullet and anti-traumatic panel made of ballistic (technical) fabric, provides protection by class Br2 (was Br1); C; C2 (at the velocity of a standard fragment V50% not less than 500 m/s) in accordance with GOST 34286.

UHMWPE armor panels of protection class Br4 or Br5 according to GOST 34286 of anatomical shape with rounded corners of joints of the sides. The body armor is equipped with split-adjusting devices (SAD) (shoulder and side flaps).

The shoulder split-adjusting devices (SAD) reinforced with safety belts allow for additional fitting of the body armor. The cover has sewn-in slings with cells of modular lightweight lightweight (off-loading) equipment of "MOLLE" type for attaching additional equipment. The back section is equipped with an evacuation loop, which is used for carrying the injured person; the shoulders have sewn shoulder pads.
Tactical and technical characteristics of body armor BORSA-T
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