Concealable vest (hereinafter referred to as CV) is a means of individual armor protection and is designed to protect the human body from the effects of firearms (Br2 protection class GOST 34286-2017), with the permissible weight of armor impact not exceeding the 2nd degree.

The reliability of the body armor is confirmed by test protocols for compliance with the requirements of Br2, C, C2 protection classes throughout the area of GOST 34286-2017.
The CV consists of a chest section, a back section connected by elastic bands.

The cover is made of wear-resistant fabric. The cover is equipped with internal pockets to accommodate armor panels.

Flexible armor panel of general protection Br2 class of protective structures is a panel made of UHMWPE (ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene), providing protection over the entire area of protection classes C, C2 (with V50% value not lower than 500 m/s).
UHMWPE panel ensures that the protective properties of the product are maintained in various climatic conditions (after exposure to rain, wet snow, etc.).

Tactical and technical characteristics of the concealable vest
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