Command, control & intelligence vehicle (CCIV)
    The CCIV fully automates the combat work of the platoon (battery) command post and
    combat control of the air defense missile system TRIO. The information of detected targets is processed and issued in the form of target indications for weapons of the air defense missile system TRIO
    The CCIV of the mobile intelligence and control station performs round-the-clock acoustic and optical reconnaissance using passive detection methods with automatic output of the required calculated data of air and ground targets for their fire engagement.

    The passive methods of target detection used in the system ensure the secrecy of battle-array of the ADMS.

    It is possible to pair the CCIV with a radar station.

    The software allows it to make quick distribution and assignment of all targets for weapons
    for their guaranteed destruction.

    Opto-electronic Target Reconnaissance & Surveillance System, which is a part of the Data-processing and Computer Complex of the mobile intelligence and control station, allows of real-time circular search of air targets in the range of elevation angles from minus 10 to plus 90 degrees at a range of up to 20 km
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