The company repairs and extends the life of air guided missiles short and medium range R-60, R-73, R-27, X-29, X-31, X-58.

It is also possible to upgrade a number of guided air missiles in accordance with the customer's requirements.

Availability of appropriate technical documentation and certificates, high-tech, diagnostic and verification equipment, special techniques and certified laboratory, allows for high quality repair and modernization of the hardware of regular missile units, including autopilot, radio detonator, various elements of the seeker head.
The R-27 medium-range air-to-air guided missile is designed to engage highly maneuverable aircraft, helicopters, as well as unmanned aerial vehicles and cruise missiles at any time of day, at all angles in the presence of natural and organized interference at medium and long distances, in simple and difficult weather conditions.

The company has mastered repair of electronic units of missile hardware.

In the course of servicing work on the R-27 missile the following elements of the detonator unit are checked and repaired: power unit, temporary device, activation unit, delay unit, modulator, у intermediate-frequency amplifier, operating channel, interference channel, reset channel, memory unit, executive cascade.
Tactical and technical characteristics of the R-27 aircraft guided missile

In order to improve combat capabilities the company performed developmental work on modernization of R-60 aircraft guided missile.

The R-60BM-L guided missile with a semi-active laser seeker head is designed to engage targets illuminated by a laser designator in "air-to-surface" and "surface-to-surface" variants. It is supposed to operate mainly against ground targets using laser designators-dialers.

The R-60BM-T guided missile with a thermal seeker is designed to engage low-temperature (low-contrast) targets. It is intended to operate primarily against small airborne targets.

Both variants of the missile are equipped with a new multibeam laser noncontact detonator, which provides an endless field of view, which greatly increases the probability of defeating low-sized targets.

In the modernized R-60BM missile the design and technological and aeroballistic characteristics are preserved as much as possible.

The R-60BM-L and R-60BM-T missiles can be mounted on standard aircraft launchers as well as in transport launch containers when used as part of an air defense system (of the Strela-10 type).
Tactical and technical characteristics of the R-60 aircraft guided missile

R-73 short-range air-to-air guided missile with a thermal seeker head is designed to intercept and destroy maneuverable manned and unmanned enemy aircraft by day and at night, in simple and difficult weather conditions, in front and rear hemispheres, against the ground and against active radio-electronic resistance.

· Highest targeting accuracy through the use of advanced target recognition and tracking algorithms
· an advanced missile autopilot system
· laser sensors of target approach

· working design and repair documentation
· seeker head on modern element base
· repair of radioelectronic units has been mastered

Tactical and technical characteristics of the R-73 aircraft guided missile
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